Kpop Friday: Sunmi’s “Gashina”

First off, many thanks to SplashofInspiration for recommending the song. I’d heard two of Sunmi’s solo songs before and thought they were decent (and bought some Wonder Girls songs that I enjoyed), so I was optimistic about her newest offering. Spoiler alert: It’s fun.

I’ll admit “Gashina” wasn’t my thing initially (tropical house generally isn’t), but it is  just the kind of song that can grow on you. The beat is catchy, and since the song stays mostly in Sunmi’s lower-to-mid register, it’d be pretty easy to sing along with.

If you don’t speak Korean, you’ll definitely want to turn on the subtitles. It really enhanced my perception of the song (and appreciation for the MV). I’ll admit to giggling over the fact that the narrator just doesn’t understand why her milkshakes aren’t keeping this man in her yard anymore:

Everyone wants to smell my fragrance.
Why are you the only fool who doesn’t smell it?
Have you gone crazy?
Why are you leaving such a beautiful woman like me behind?

I don’t know, Sunmi. I hope you find a better guy who appreciates you more.

The music video is an often silly, sometimes sexy, kaleidoscope of colors and concepts. I have two main complaints: the opening is too long, and we barely get to see any of the choreography. (So here, have a comeback stage.) That said, the visuals are striking, and I think the MV lends the song a bit of a comedic air in concert with the lyrics.

If you’re a fan of Sunmi or her old group, you should give the song a listen:

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