Two twelve-episode dramas for you

Surprisingly, both new dramas this week have just twelve episodes. (My heart hopes that this is the start of a trend, because there is far less chance for meandering bloat with twelve episodes.) Will either of these make your watch list this week?

Single Wife
12 episodes, DramaX
Availability unknown

Furniture designer Lee Ra-hee is preparing for the next stage of her life: marriage to a second-generation chaebol son, Hwang Jae-min. Jae-min, a former player, is finally ready to settle down with Ra-hee and work hard at his family’s furniture company. Shortly before the wedding, Ra-hee discovers that her first marriage to Lee Min-hong isn’t officially over. Min-hong never turned in the paperwork to finalize their divorce; he ended up in an accident instead. He also acquired amnesia and believes he’s still married to Ra-hee.


Age of Youth 2
12 episodes, jTBC
Available on (they’ve got a page for it, at least)

A year after the events of Age of Youth, the young women at Belle Epoque say goodbye to one housemate and welcome another. Yoon Jin-myung, recently returned from China, has finally found a job, and Jung Ye-eun is heading back to school after taking a much-needed break. Song Ji-won is still looking for a boyfriend, while Yoo Eun-jae is dealing with the emotional fallout of breaking up with her first love. They are all suspicious of their new housemate, Jo Eun, who may be hiding something from the rest of them.

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