What to do when you’re in a slump?

I’ve had a look at the dramas coming up in the next couple of weeks, and the only one that strongly piques my interest is While You Were Sleeping–which doesn’t premier until the end of September. (I do plan on continuing to watch Save Me, for the record, but that will end before WYWS even starts.)  I’ve got a long list of movies to tackle, so you can expect some headway on those, and there’s Queen In-hyun’s Man, but that’s going to be sporadic and slow because I’m watching it with a friend.

My viewing schedule is pretty blank, and that just isn’t fun. Tonight I circled back around to my list of older dramas that I haven’t seen yet but that everyone has raved about, and I remembered that I wanted to try my hand at a recap.

So, I’m anxious pleased to announce that I’ll be doing a first-time-watcher’s recap + commentary for My Beautiful Bride! I have only done one tv show recap before, and that was five years ago. I’m going to be a bit rusty and slow as I remember how this works. (And sort out just how detailed I want to be with the recap part. I am a terribly slow writer–my normal commentaries take me at least an hour, typically.) I thought MBB would be a fun place to start since it sounds right up my alley and there won’t be any pressure to keep up with a live viewing schedule.

So, yeah. New project for me! Because that’s precisely what my life needs. I’ll get started on it once I catch up with Save Me.

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