4 kdramas that I wish had a second season

I know, I know—second seasons are a mixed-to-terrible bag in dramaland. Franchises seem to work better overall (see: Flower Boys series, School series), but there are a couple of dramas that I think had enough story potential for a second season. When I reviewed my completed dramas, I was actually surprised by how few of my top ten dramas (I need to update this…) made it on this list.

Then again, a lot of my top tens are top tens precisely because they completed the story they wanted to tell and I was satisfied with the ending. And while my fangirl heart might want sixteen episodes of domestic bliss and skinship, I can concede that it probably wouldn’t be the best business decision. Nevertheless, here are four dramas I would be very interested in getting a second season for, though I know it’ll never happen. Beware of show-ending spoilers!

#1 – Healer

How it ended: Young-shin, Jung-hoo, and the rest of the good guys caught the elder, brought about Moon-shik’s emotional downfall, and got justice for some murdered activists. Young-shin got to reunite with her mother, and Jung-hoo decided some people were okay and that he wouldn’t run away to a private island.

What I’d want in a second season: You guys! You only took down two villains! There’s a whole shadowy network behind them, and the little third-rate tabloid has now made its name in the world of maverick investigative journalism. This whole setup is begging for a second season where our hero team (with the absolutely necessary addition of Myung-hee) goes after the rest of the elder’s network and takes it down, piece by piece. Oh, and I want lots of cute family scenes and couple scenes and definitely an awkward-as-hell-but-sincere-marriage-proposal from Jung-hoo.

#2 – The Three Musketeers

How it ended: The Musketeers did not get hanged and instead got shipped off to China. Mi-ryoung totally managed to cheat death (again). The crown prince and the crown princess actually got on the same page romantically. Honestly, things were a bit of a mixed bag, but no one was dead (yet)!

What I’d want in a second season: Well, since this show was originally designed to have three total seasons, I’d want them to continue on with the excellent blending of historical events and the musketeers novels. (Yes, even though I know this would eventually end in lots of death for our heroes.) I just wanted more true companions, more romance, and lots of swashbuckling. Was that too much to ask?

#3 – What’s Up!

How it ended: Most of the students had emotional epiphanies/figured out what their next move in life should be. Oh, and the one teacher died.

What I’d want in a second season: Doo-ri writing lots of scripts. Byung-gun getting a secondary role in a musical and stealing all the scenes. Do-sung and Soo-bin getting into composing battles. Jae-hun and Tae-hee being awkward and sweet (waaaaaaaaaaaay less angst for them, please). The set designer student continuing to have the biggest crush on Soo-bin. Soo-jung stepping in to fill the dead teacher’s shoes and actually being a good educator. Chae-young being the fiercest manager ever (maybe even taking Tae-hee under her wing for real and not trying to sabotage her this time). All of their years at school–I want them.

#4 – Circle: Two Worlds Connected

How it ended: Oh, hey, did you notice how we never actually answered any questions about Jung-yeon’s alien origin? Turns out that there are maybe two more aliens running around on earth! One of them has been around even longer than she has!

What I’d want in a second season: Lots of bonding between Joon-hyuk and Woo-jin (especially if it is awkward), and maybe some cute fish-out-of-water hijinks with Woo-jin as he gets used to 2037 technology. Definitely forward movement on Woo-jin and Jung-yeon’s romance, and some low-key background sparks between Woo-jin and Min-young. Oh, and getting all the answers about Jung-yeon.

If you could grant any kdramas a second season, which ones would be at the top of your list? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “4 kdramas that I wish had a second season

  1. yume says:

    Oh yes the Three Musketeers! It was my first kdrama and I’m still salty we won’t get a sequel. I wish they’d at least found a way to wrap up the story to make it feel somewhat complete. I was so confused by the ending the first time I watched.

    Personally, I really dislike it when creators force an open ending to leave us hanging for more just in case they can make a S2. Failure to wrap up all the plot points in a consistent manner just sours the experience and has the opposite effect on me – it makes me NOT want a sequel.

    That was recently the case with Lookout/The Guardians, for example. The show was really fun and full of twists and I enjoyed it thoroughly, but the last few eps were a mess to leave it open for a sequel, and now I’m very disappointed and don’t care for more.

    On the other hand, Stranger/Forest of Secrets had a wonderful ending – the story is complete, loose ends are tied, the pacing is consistent with the rest of the show, etc. It’s as perfect as you’d want an ending to be. And that’s precisely what makes me want more! Because now I know I can trust the writer, and I want to see the cast in their hands again.

    • Audrey says:

      Awww, that’s fun that The Three Musketeers was your first drama! It was a pretty good one to begin with.

      I agree, it feels weird to deliberately leave the ending open just in case a season two is possible. It happens so infrequently that it just results in an unsatisfying ending, like you cited in Lookout. I’ve heard that Forest of Secrets is pretty amazing, though. I’m glad they cared enough about the story to wrap it up properly.

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