The next ten days

Now that Circle is over and I’ve dropped SDQ, I’ve got a bit of a gap in my drama-watching schedule. I’ve got two episodes left of Naked Fireman, which I ought to finish this weekend, barring unexpected ridiculousness. That still leaves me with ten days before anything I’m interested in actually starts.

Luckily, I’ve kept a list of movies and drama specials for just such an occasion. I’m hoping to make a significant dent in those or Running Man (now that I’m seven months behind…) and maybe catch up on some music rec meme stuff and other miscellaneous items. Maybe if I get my shit together, I’ll be able to write the next chapter of DL.

The first half of the year has been kind of bleh when it came to kdramas, though at least I managed to finish two currently airing shows (Solomon’s Perjury and Circle) and one non-current drama special (Splash Splash Love). That actually puts me right on track to finish four currently airing shows this year. A low goal, I know, but I do hope that the second half of the year is much better than the first.

What upcoming dramas are you looking forward to in the second half of 2017? How many have you finished this year?

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