What we know and don’t know about Jung-yeon

I am very excited about this week’s episodes of Circle because we now have confirmation that Jung-yeon is a constant in all timelines. As such, I thought it would be fun (and possibly even helpful) to do a quick overview of what we know about her and the questions that are still waiting to be answered.

Byul, aka The Alien (2007)

What we know:

  • Emerged, naked, from a ball of light in front of the twins and their father
  • Was taken in by the father
  • Doesn’t express emotion (and her comprehension of it is also lacking)
  • Has super speed and/or strength (see: saving Woo-jin from death by car)
  • Left with the twins’ father

The questions:

  • What is she? Where is she from?
  • Why did she come to earth?
  • Why did she leave with the twins’ father?

Jung-yeon, aka The College Student (2017)

What we know:

  • Has lost all of her memories before the age of eighteen
  • Can express and understand human emotion
  • Lives with Professor Han as his daughter
  • Does not appear to have aged a day in the last ten years
  • Is investigating the suicides/murders
  • Does not appear to have super speed and/or strength anymore (see: fight with taser lady)

The questions:

  • What happened to the twins’ father? Why is she now living as Professor Han’s daughter?
  • What happened to her memory? Does she know what her father’s experiments are for?
  • Does she have super healing, or did she lose the scar in a more mundane way?

Bluebird, aka The Hacker (2037)

What we know:

  • Is a genius hacker actively working against Human B
  • Wanted to make contact with Joon-hyuk
  • Does not appear to have aged a day in the last thirty years

The questions:

  • When did she become Bluebird? If she wasn’t Bluebird back in 2017, who is the culprit Bum-gyun referred to?
  • When and how did she lose track of the twins? Does she know what happened to them?
  • Why was she trying to make contact with Joon-hyuk now? Did she think he was Woo-jin and not Bum-gyun?
  • Does she have all of her memories back?

Jung-yeon is one of my favorite characters in the show, and I’m so excited that she is now in all of the timelines. I hope we get some of these questions answered next week–and that we walk away with a lot more. Have I missed anything in my lists? Let me know!

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