Kpop Friday: Sistar’s “Lonely”

I know a lot of people in my corner of the internet have been sad ever since the news broke that Sistar would be disbanding, and I was, too. “I Swear” is one of my favorite kpop songs, and I’m a little sad we won’t be getting any more like it from this talented quartet. That said, “Lonely” is a lovely parting gift to Sistar’s fans. It isn’t often that a group gets a goodbye song and a wrap-up that feels amicable. While “Lonely” isn’t a summer anthem song like the group was famous for, the song and MV are a bittersweet tribute to endings.

The lyrics are straightforward—the narrator has begun to feel lonely in a relationship that is on the rocks:

Breaking up is the only option left
You’re preparing our end, too
We can’t go back in time
That’s what hurts

It’s pretty standard fare as far as these types of songs go, but what really elevates “Lonely” is the chorus. I love the way it builds into something that almost sounds like they’re preparing to break free. It’s not quite upbeat, not exactly heart-wrenching angst, but something that’s akin to being this close to throwing in the metaphorical towel.

The music video goes back and forth between engaging with the angst in the lyrics and just acknowledging that this is an actual farewell. One of the things that I loved about “I Swear” was that it looked like the members were having fun, and that’s here, too, which is a lovely contrast to the shots that feel like everyone is saying goodbye.

“Lonely” is a wonderful sendoff to a strong group, and if you haven’t given it a listen already, you should:

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