4 Hopes for Fight My Way

Honestly, Fight My Way is the drama I secretly hope will steal my heart. I am fond of both Kim Ji-won and Park Seo-joon, but I haven’t completed any of their works since 2013 and 2014, respectively. I think they could be super cute together. I am kind of desperate for them to be.

Here are my four hopes for their new show—please don’t let me down!

  1. Ae-ra and Dong-man actually feel like friends. And not just friends out of habit because they’ve always been near each other but friends because they have things in common and support one another and have fun together and even get on each other’s nerves sometimes because they know each other so well. I want lots of in-jokes and embarrassing childhood stories and them swooping in for the emotional rescue. I want their friendship to be the foundation of their romance, and I want it to be an amazing one.
  2. Ae-ra achieves her dream of becoming a tv anchor. Or, if she doesn’t, she figures out what was driving that dream and sets on a new path to fulfill the urge behind it. Sometimes part of growing up is figuring out what you really want. Maybe she really does want to be a tv anchor. Maybe there’s something about it her subconscious has latched on to. Either way, I want her to achieve a goal—and then make another.
  3. Dong-man adores Ae-ra. I saw this main couple described as bickering everywhere I looked online—but I want it to be the playful, in-good-fun sort, not the cruel, controlling sort. I want him to fall head over heels when he realizes his heart has changed. I want him to love her because of her, not in spite of it. Give me all the puppy-love looks and anguished meditations on falling in love with your friend and being terrified of ruining it.
  4. The drama provides plenty of social commentary on young adulthood. With high youth unemployment and a tepid job market, I want to see these young adults actually struggle with what it means to them, their families, and society that they’re not hitting the expected “adulthood” markers of a full-time job, marriage, and children. While my hopes aren’t high for a particularly realistic portrayal of actual poverty and housing conditions—where we would shove the product placement?—I want this struggle discussed openly and sympathetically.

Will you be watching Fight My Way? What are your hopes for the show? Let me know!

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