4 Hopes for Circle: Two Worlds Connected

After the utter failure that was my attempt at watching new kdramas in March, I am extremely excited to get back in the game with Circle. I absolutely adore speculative fiction, which doesn’t often pop up in kdramas, especially in science fiction form. Even though I did not finish the last dramas I tried that starred Yeo Jin-goo or Kim Kang-woo, I’m excited to have them back on screen. Along with Gong Seung-yun, whom I quite liked in Heard It Through the Grapevine.

Please don’t disappoint me in your choice of projects! Without further time-wasting, here are my four hopes for Circle: Two Connected Worlds.

  1. Han Jung-yun has a plot/character arc of her own. Okay, so maybe I’m a bit jaded and distrustful right now, but I would really love it if Jung-yun got to be significant in her own right. From what I’ve heard so far, the show may run the risk of her being a key the men use to solve the mystery as opposed to her own person. Give her a life of her own, please.
  2. The show tackles the Smart/General Earth divide in a way that provides commentary on the real world. Come on, you don’t pit an on-the-surface utopia against a dystopia and then just fail to do anything with it. (Well, you wouldn’t if you had respect for your world-building and the ways speculative fiction can be used to tackle Big Questions and turn the mirror back on the audience.) Make me believe that you’re doing this for some other reason than set-dressing and the rule of cool.
  3. The future feels appropriately futurish. And alien-ish, too, since the extraterrestrial takeover is a thing. I want it to feel like a world-upending 20 years have passed between the two timelines. Make me believe the writers cared about their world-building and all the ways the future and the present have diverged—and stayed the same.
  4. The mystery is a fearful, delightful ride. I want to be caught off guard, outwitted, and terrified for beloved characters. I want to have just enough clues to put pieces together on my own and still be surprised by what the writers come up with. I want to be invested in unraveling the mystery. Give me first-half-of-W-feels, please—just remember to care about the ending. >.>

Will you be watching Circle? What are your hopes for the show? Let me know!

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