Romances and Bromances This Week

I hate myself for typing that.

My Secret Romance, which starts today, is OCN’s first ever foray into romance–good luck to them! The second drama is action/adventure comedy from the sound of it, and it’ll be on Netflix. Are either of these on your watch list?

My Secret Romance
16* episodes, OCN
Available on

Second-generation chaebol Cha Jin-wook used to care only about partying instead of his family’s nutrition company. He met the innocent,  never-had-a-boyfriend Lee Yoo-mi at a Jeju resort three years ago. Their whirlwind romance led to  one night together–and then Yoo-mi disappeared. Heartbroken, he ended his party boy ways and became obsessed with the family business.

Yoo-mi walks back into Jin-wook’s life when she is hired as a company nutritionist. The two of them pretend they don’t know each other, but the time they spent together in Jeju hangs between them. Do they have the potential to make a real relationship out of their one-night stand?

*DF’s site currently says 13 episodes, but everywhere else I’ve seen it says 16. So…we’ll see?

Man to Man
16 episodes, jTBC
Available on Netflix (more info here)

Celebrity Yeo Woon-kwang is in need of a bodyguard. Enter Kim Sul-woo, a “ghost” bodyguard who is as mysterious as he is talented. His special investigations training is something that Woon-kwang will have need of. Through their adventures, their client/bodyguard relationship will change into friendship.

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