4 Hopes for Chicago Typewriter

Please don’t let me down. I really would like to watch a kdrama again.

  1. The whole past lives thing has actual relevance in the modern day action. And I mean for something other than your standard thwarted romance (because I swear that’s the only reason 95% of kdramas bother to delve into past lives). Be more creative, please! Surely there can be other tragedies and unfinished business that would connect three(???) souls together across lifetimes, especially when their last lifetimes were right in the middle of the Japanese occupation. I am going to be very sad if it’s only used to establish a love triangle or something (unless it opens up a bisexual love triangle, then I’m all on board with that).
  2. Seol has more than just a romantic plotline to sustain her. I’m thrilled that she has a career, but I’m hoping that this show will actually do something with her veterinarian status—or any other aspect of her life, really, that isn’t centered on Se-joo. Let her wear multiple, relevant hats, please, and not let her get pushed out of relevancy in her own show.
  3. Seol is not the muse who magically cures Se-joo’s writer’s block. *rolls eyes forever* I hate this trope so much. Don’t do it, show.
  4. We get a lot of meta about the creative process. What’s the point of making your main character a writer and giving him writer’s block if you aren’t going to discuss creativity, talent, and effort/practice. What about deadlines, expectations, the fear of failure, self-doubt, and so on?

Will you be checking out Chicago Typewriter? What are your hopes for the show?

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