Running Man – October 2016

#319: “Running Man GO”

The end of the previous race was a little underwhelming, but part two was hilarious. I love it when the cast gets chased and spends a lot of time running around and screaming and turning on each other, so this episode was right up my alley. The three or four minutes where they repeatedly fought over possession of one of the guests just cracked me up; the poor lady looked so exhausted and stunned by the end of it.

Thanks for making me laugh. These two episodes will make my rewatch list.

#320: “Hangul Proclamation Day”

A few hours after finishing this episode, I’ve already started to forget the details of it. Part of that is likely due to my difficulty in following along (I do not know hangul), and the other part is the lack of interesting mini missions.

That said, the final elimination game was at least an interesting twist on name tag ripping. If that had been paired with a more interesting build-up, I think I would have enjoyed it more.

(P.S. Thanks for the little history lesson at the end! That was cool. I’d like a drama about that guy and his students, please.)

#321: “No Way Out Race”

I liked this one better the first time around, back when it was just the main cast and they were a lot more vicious with each other. I wanted more games that actually utilized the area each team had claimed rather than it essentially just coming down to the final probability-based battle. It could have been done on a much smaller scale (like an actual game board or tabletop) with how little they used the set they built.

Stick this one in the bland pile, despite some cute moments.

#322: “Autumn Sports Day”

This episode occupies a weird space for me: competitive guests but with pretty run-of-the-mill games. I wanted more interesting games for them (other than laughing at the poor person who had to eat the kimbap with the disgusting ingredients, the kimbap “game” did absolutely nothing except waste screen time). The paired spies with the option to betray each other was fun and could have been a great addition to a more intense episode.

Don’t get me wrong, this one was fun to watch while it was on. It just won’t make my rewatch list.

#323: “My Avatar Can”

This episode will make my rewatch list, though, because while most of the games were pretty small, they also made me laugh a lot and were actually useful to advancing the game. I love it when the cast members and guests get to bluff each other, and there were several hilarious moments. The final name tag ripping game was really good, too. I’m happy to add this one to my rewatch list.

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