Queens and Typewriters

There are two new dramas airing this week, and they both sound like they could be interesting. I may actually check out both. What about you?

Mystery Queen
16 episodes, KBS2
Available on Viki.com

Yoo Seol-ok wanted to be a detective when she was young, but she gave up that dream when she got married. While her husband is a prosecutor, Seol-ok works as a housewife, taking care of her mother- and sister-in-law. In a chance encounter, Seol-ok runs into Ha Wan-seung, a detective. The two of them team up to solve difficult cases.



Chicago Typewriter
16 episodes, tvN
Available on Viki.com

Three writers from the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea have been reincarnated into the present day. Han Se-joo is a bestselling author who is currently struggling to write due to his depression and writer’s block. But ghostwriter Yoo Jin-oh, a mysterious and talented man, could help him out—for a price. Meanwhile, veterinarian Jeon Seol is fed up with Se-joo and his overrated books and has become his anti-fan. What is in store for the three of them in the past and the present?

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