4 Hopes for Whisper

I am so excited for Lee Bo-young’s return to the small screen. Writer Park Kyung-soo’s previous drama, Punch, was a great legal thriller with engaging female characters, though they were typically secondary to the drama going on between the antihero and the main antagonist. My anticipation levels are pretty high right now, so here are my four hopes for the show:

  1. Shin Young-joo gets half of the spotlight. A few months ago, I probably would have had this as a given, but I’m still bitter about how Solomon’s Perjury sidelined its heroine. Dear PKS, please remember that the wonderful Lee Bo-young has decided to return to dramaland for this project and treat her accordingly.
  2. Shin yYung-joo gets to have several badass fight scenes. She’s the detective, dammit, and spends a lot of time with petty criminals—she should be capable of handling herself. As much as God’s Gift turned into a mess, it gave LBY several chances to show off her abilities in physically demanding/intense scenes. I want her to be the muscle in this team up with the lawyer, honestly. (They can split the brains role.)
  3. Choi Soo-yeon gets significant character development. I don’t know a ton about her character, but right now she sounds like a pretty standard Second Female Lead, Rich Bitch variety. I know this writer is capable of a lot more than that. Give me hidden depths, moral quandaries, and anything besides being possessive of things that are not hers to claim.
  4. A lot of cutting social commentary. With Park Geun-hye’s impeachment and possible prosecution looming over South Korea, I want to see a lot of pointed commentary about corruption and power and how the latter leads to the former. I want there to be an acknowledgment of  how unjust systems wreck society.

Are you looking forward to Whisper? What are your hopes for the show? Let me know!

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