Final Ranking for Splash Splash Love

Normally I would wait until the end of the year to officially announce the ranking I gave Splash Splash Love, but that seems silly since it aired all the way back in 2015. Instead of making it a footnote at the end of my eventual 2017 rankings, I decided to just do it now. Splash Splash Love got top marks: Marathon It Now!

Splash Splash Love (TVCast Naver/MBC | 2 episodes | December 13 to December 20, 2015)

This two-episode drama masterfully combines romantic comedy and time-traveling fantasy to gives us a wonderful heroine and a cute love story. While the heroine does end up falling for a Joseon king, the story is firmly rooted in her personal character arc (and hatred of math) and centers her story giving into the temptation to let the king overwhelm it. The comedy is clever without being cruel, and on more than one occasion I actually laughed out loud. (Shocker, I know.) But perhaps my favorite thing about it is the resolution to the heroine’s character arc and her fervent desire to go home. Spend two hours on this one—you won’t regret it.

(And now I actually have two drama specials on my list. At some point I’ll actually put all the movies up…)

What did you think of Splash Splash Love? Did you like it as much as I did? Let me know!

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