Four Hopes for Radiant Office

I’ll be honest—I’m mostly in this one for Go Ah-sung, whom I loved in Heard It Through the Grapevine. So far as I can tell, I haven’t seen a single thing from either of the listed directors, and the writer is a rookie who won a screenwriting competition. And perhaps that will be precisely what I need in kdrama land: a breath of fresh air. Here are my four hopes for Radiant Office, which airs this week:

  1. Ho-won does not end up being inspiration porn. I want Radiant Office to be about her and how she grapples with her impending death; I don’t want to feel like her illness is supposed to be for my (read: the audience’s) benefit. Please, let us avoid the Ill Girl trope completely. The last thing I want is for everyone to be tearfully happy about all the things she taught them before she dies (if she dies).
  2. Ho-won has to deal with all sort of mundane stuff in regards to her illness. I haven’t found any reference to whatever illness it is that she has (though the word “radiant” makes me think that it’s some kind of cancer), but whatever it is, I want to see her managing her illness. Frequent doctor/hospital visits for tests, medication, unpleasant side effects/symptoms, etc. None of this ridiculous dramatically timed coughing fits/nosebleeds/blood vomiting so we don’t have to deal with the reality of whatever her illness is until the last three or so episodes.
  3. Ho-won gets to be angry or scared or have any other non-comedic emotion. I know the whole plot revolves around her deciding to carpe diem the shit out of what’s left of her life, but it’s one thing when it’s played for comedy or inspiration porn and quite another if she were to, say, lash out at the universe.
  4. Woo-jin falls for Ho-won first. Especially since the trailers I’ve seen make him look like a bit of a jerk. I want him to adore her—and not pull any of that “you betrayed me by not telling me you were sick” nonsense that some dramas do.

What are your hopes for the drama?

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