Kpop Friday: Amber x Luna’s “Heartbeat”

You may have noticed by now, but ladies having fun is definitely one of my things. So “Heartbeat,” an SM Station release, is right up my alley.  The MV is basically concert footage, with Amber and Luna looking like they’re having a ridiculous amount of fun performing. The song itself is rather simple, even repetitive sometimes, but these two have lovely voices. While I’m not always a fan of the synth (or this style of song in general), I found myself loving it more with every listen.

I really love the imagery in some of the lyrics, too:

Trapped inside a building of a collapsed world
You’re the one who took my hand and pulled me out (x)

There’s a sense of simple wonder in this song that I adore–someone new coming into your life, and that spurring your heart to race. Give it a listen:

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