Kpop Friday: Lee Michelle’s “Without You”

Sometimes you just need a beautiful self-love anthem to make it through the day, and Lee Michelle’s “Without You” is exactly what I needed. I’ve listened to the song and watched the MV several times, and I still catch myself tearing up at certain parts. Michelle’s vocals on this one are perfect, especially in the chorus where she declares that her beauty and worth aren’t dependent upon anyone else:

I’m beautiful without you
I’m meaningful without you
I’m still beautiful
even if I wasn’t loved by you (x)

One of my favorite things is that even though this song appears to be about a failed relationship, the MV goes in a different direction, highlighting the struggles a young Michelle went through as she was growing up in South Korea. It’s heart-wrenching to watch, but the ending makes it worth it.

This song has a lot going for it, from Lee Michelle’s lovely voice to powerful visual reminders of what it’s like not to fit the beauty standards of the culture around you. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen:

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