Kpop Friday: MBLAQ’s “Smoky Girl”

Sometimes you just need a bit of understated sexiness in your life, and if today is one of those days, you’ll want to check out MBLAQ’s “Smoky Girl.” It’s a smooth, seductive song about spotting a mysterious woman at a bar:

In the corner of the bar, she sits
In her thin wrist is lemon juice
She was a smoky girl
Her hair shines in the lights
In her sad eyes are smeared scars (x)

The vocals for this song are great–no one’s straining at the edge of their range, and everyone sounds like they really are interested in holding the attention of this smoky girl. And while I’m not always fond of rap breaks, the one here fits into place nicely and keeps the momentum going into the final stretch of the song.

The MV itself is excellent–whoever styled the guys needs a raise (minus whoever decided that bubblegum pink hair was a good idea). It’s fun to watch the color scheme progress from black to white to a kaleidoscope of neon. There isn’t really a story to the MV, however, and the appearances of backup dancers and the titular smoky girl feel weird and more like afterthoughts than deliberate choices.

Still, “Smoky Girl” is a good four-minute break. If you haven’t heard it already, give it a shot:

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