Closing – Four Hopes for Solomon’s Perjury

I have finally finished a drama! And I also ended up laughing when I went to look back at my initial hopes for Solomon’s Perjury. The funny thing is that I got basically everything I asked for—only it’s all the things I didn’t ask for that soured the show for me.

But I shall be kind today and judge the drama based on what I asked of it:

Romance does not get in the way of solving a murder. I honestly have no complaints about this one. Joon-young’s one-sided crush on Seo-yeon was a fun little thing going on in the background, but he didn’t let it get in the way of their friendship, and it definitely didn’t distract from the trial. There were no love triangles or angsting over romantic feelings. Instead, the kids centered So-woo’s death and the trial, and the show was all the better for it.

A good adult. There were so many good adults in this show that I was honestly surprised. Seo-yeon’s parents were the best of the lot, particularly her mother. Seriously, so many other kdrama mothers need to take lessons from Seo-yeon’s mother. I loved how Seo-yeon’s parents, Joo-ri’s mother, the club advisor, and even Ji-hoon’s father all deeply cared for the kids and took their feelings and thoughts seriously. They were, of course, balanced out by some atrocious and/or mediocre parenting, but I was delighted by this. Thank you for showing that it is possible to grow up and be a good adult.

Interesting investigations/court room scenes. On the whole, yes, the investigations and court room scenes were interesting. I enjoyed it when Seo-yeon got to do some clever detective work; I would have enjoyed it more if Ji-hoon hadn’t been deliberately concealing some of that information from her. Still, the court room scenes held my attention and also doubled as—

Lots of social commentary. We actually got less of it than I was hoping for, though the school got its corruption rightfully exposed to the ridicule of the world, and everyone that should have been arrested was arrested. There were also some great moments were the kids got to call out the adults on their terrible parenting and/or unethical behavior. While some things were left unfinished or weren’t addressed to my satisfaction, I think Solomon’s Perjury accomplished what it set out to do in this regard.

So what did you think of Solomon’s Perjury? I’m curious to know.

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