Running Man – September 2016

#315: “Running Map”

If you’re a fan of Cha Seung-won, you’ll be delighted by this low-key food-themed episode. The games all centered on food, whether that was competing to win food as a prize or a relay cooking race. The final hunt-for-a-clue mission was lackluster to watch. It won’t make my rewatch list, but it’s a decent way to pass the time (provided you make sure you have snacks on hand and aren’t squeamish about live octopus).

#316: “Train to Prison”

This train to prison episode was a fun one. While a few of the mini games were bleh, the good parts were great. There were plenty of opportunities for the cast members to bicker with each other, too, and after–well, everything that happened last year, it was night to pretend, for a little while, that this is a show that will never end.

And while it’s always fun with Ji-hyo’s luck saves the day, I’m a little sad that we didn’t get to see the elaborate final mission they had set up. Is it too much to hope that they’ll reuse that concept another time?

I don’t think I’ll rewatch this episode in its entirety, but I may skip around and watch a few scenes the next time I need a laugh.

#317: “Running Man vs Avengers II”

The previous Avengers team produced a pretty good episode; this time around I laughed even more. I enjoy pranks, so the intro was hilarious (especially Jihyo), and, honestly, the black boxes and how everyone freaks out about what’s inside them just make my day. The name tag ripping game was fun, though I wish they would “hide” fewer hints from the audience.

(I wish they would frame it as “we’ve figured it out, now we need to hunt down that person” instead of “oooh, did they just make a guess or did they know????” Of course they’ve figured it out. Nine times out of ten.)

This one, I think, will actually make it to my rewatch list.

#318: “Running Man TV”

Part one of a multi-part race isn’t always that exciting, but I found myself enjoying this one. A few segments were boring (sorry Ji-hyo & Gary, I love you, but a zoning out contest and mixing music just aren’t my things), but the others had some cute and/or absurd interactions with their guests. (I am impressed with the lady who endured two electric shocks in an attempt to help Kwang-soo.)

I’ll have to wait until part two to decide whether or not this one makes the rewatch list. Right now, it has a good chance.

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