Three Dramas and a Mini Drama This Week

We have a bunch of new shows coming out this week: a workplace drama, a thriller, a historical, and a fantasy romance. The one I am most excited for (and have been excited for for ages now) is Saimdang: Light’s Diary. A sageuk starring a woman in her forties? Playing dual roles? Historical mysteries? Diaries? I am all over that.

16 episodes, SBS
Availability unknown

Park Jung-woo, one of the top prosecutors in the country, finds himself on death row, having been convicted of the murder of his wife and daughter. Jung-woo, however, has no memory of what transpired, and ends up in a fight for his life to recover his memory and figure out what really happened on that tragic day in order to clear his name.

Chief Kim
16 Episodes, KBS2
Available on

Kim Sung-ryong, a gangsters’ accountant, ends up as a middle manager in the accounting department at TQ Group. Thinking this is a great opportunity to embezzle money from TQ Group, Sung-ryong actually gets tangled up vicious in office politics when TQ Group ends up on the brink of bankruptcy. Sung-ryong slowly experiences a change of heart and begins to care about his team–accountant Yoon Ha-kyung, intern Hong Ga-eun, and genius Seo Yool–and their rights in the workplace. He decides to stop trying to steal from the company and instead fight back against workplace corruption.

Saimdang: Light’s Diary
30 Episodes, SBS
Wednesdays/Thursdays (begins Thursday)
Available on and

Seo Ji-yoon, a Korean art history professor, discovers the diary of Shin Saimdang, a Joseon-era artist, poet, and calligraphist. When Ji-yoon reads through Saimdang’s diary, she learns more about Saimdang’s unconventional life–and the life of Lee Gyeom, a famous (fictional) writer, painter, and musician who was in love with her. As the historical tale unfolds, Saimdang’s husband, Lee Won-soo, becomes increasingly jealous of his wife’s close relationship with Lee Gyeom, while Choi Whieumdang blames Saimdang for being rejected by Lee Gyeom. Will Saimdang’s diary help Ji-yoon uncover the secrets behind a famous painting of an unknown Joseon woman, one of art history’s great unsolved mysteries?

Star of the Universe
3 Episodes, MBC
Availability unknown

After 19-year-old Byul is killed in an accident, she becomes a grim reaper. Upon her return to earth, she falls in love with Woo Joo, a singer and songwriter.Star of the Universe is the first in a trilogy of three-episode romances, called Three Colors of Fantasies. The color for this drama is white.

Which of these shows will you be checking out? Let me know in the comments!


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