Kpop Friday: History’s “What Am I to You?”

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a bit of angry!despair, and that’s when I turn to History’s “What Am I to You?” Now, this aggressive sort of relationship issues song is typically not my thing, especially when a guy runs around demanding to know how a woman feels about him or calls her bad for not giving him the answers he wants. The interesting spin comes when the guy freely admits that the reason he’s so frustrated is that he’s a cheater who has fallen in love and finally met his match:

I know how to cheat, but she knows how to play
I was a fool for thinking you’re easy
Everyone tells me to cut you out,
That it’ll be over if I just turn around
But don’t you know?
Don’t you think I know all of that? I can’t let you go (x)

The Latin-inspired beat is a fun departure from what’s on my current kpop playlist, and the vocals sound nicely desperate. The music video is a basically a self-destructive bender through Berlin, complete with clubs, smoking, drinking, dramatic gestures, and physical and verbal fights, interspersed with sexy dance breaks.

It’s an enjoyable change from what I’ve been listening to lately. (I’d caution viewing it at work, though, since one of the guys is in his underwear for several shots.) Give it a chance if you’re in the mood for the a song about an angsty, toxic relationship.

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