Personality Clashes and Missing People in This Week’s Dramas

We’ve got two new kdramas out this week! The first is an opposites-attract workplace comedy about an extreme introvert and a bubbly extrovert, and the second is a survival thriller mystery thing:

Introverted Boss
20 episodes, tvN
Available on

Eun Hwan-ki, a senior leader at a PR company, has earned himself the nickname “silent monster” due to his cold personality, reluctance to return people’s greetings, and refusal to meet people’s eyes. But Hwan-ki isn’t actually arrogant or aloof–he’s really just painfully shy around people. Chae Ro-woon, a recent hire at Hwan-ki’s company, is his exact opposite: talkative, bubbly, and energetic.

When Ro-woon misinterprets Hwan-ki’s behavior as a personal slight, she makes it her mission to reveal his “true” personality and get revenge.

Missing Nine
20 episodes, MBC
Available on

Four months after a private plane carrying nine celebrities and staff members from Legend Entertainment goes missing, Ra Bong-hee reappears as the sole survivor of the crash. Bong-hee was the new stylist for Seo Joon-oh, the former leader of the idol group Dreamers, whose plagiarism scandal tanked the group. His former Dreamers members Choi Tae-ho, who became an actor, and Lee Yeol, who became a successful solo artist, were also on board. Ha Ji-ah, Legend Entertainment’s biggest celebrity, had been hiding a crucial secret, while while Yoon So-hee, the “Hallyu Goddess,” worked to help the others survive on the island they became stuck on. Manager Jung Ki-joon, Legend Entertainment President Hwang Jae-kook, and secretary Tae Ho-hang were the other three survivors of the crash. Bong-hee tries to reveal the truth of what happened on the island and the fate of the other eight people, but there are some who do not want the truth to get out at any cost.

Of the two, I’m probably going to check out Missing Nine. What about you? Will either of these make it on your watch list?

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