Kpop Friday: Crayon Pop’s “Bing Bing”

Does your day need an explosion of cute? After this week, I know mine did. So here’s Crayon Pop with their adorable song, “Bing Bing.”

The song itself is pretty straightforward–these ladies have a huge crush on a guy, and for some reason he just won’t say he likes them back:

Heart, heart, my heart is here
How can you not know? I like you
What to do? It was love at first sight
What to do? I guess I love you~ (x)

What makes this song stand out is its execution. The music is upbeat and catchy, with a fun assist from what sounds like a horn section and several enthusiastic percussionists.

The MV is very cute, too. It’s mostly the members of Crayon Pop wandering around Japan and having a good time. While I wish we got to see more of the dance they do–it looks fun!–the practically endless parade of scenes where they’re messing around and having fun with each other really fits the mood of the song.

Check it out, if you haven’t already. I hope it makes you smile!

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