Kpop Friday: Akdong Musician’s “Last Goodbye”

One of my goals for Kpop Friday has been to showcase as many different artists as possible. So far as I remember, I’ve only repeated Nell (though I have done a couple solo songs for artists whose groups have already been featured), but I heard Akdong Musician’s new release and decided it was too good to let it pass by without a post.

Unlike the brilliantly colored and joyfully exuberant “How People Move,” “Last Goodbye” is a more contemplative song that’s tinged with regret over a failed relationship. It’s about closure, too, and the chorus captures how the good parts of the romance still linger:

Please don’t remember me
As someone hateful
I still don’t really know
I still can’t erase the traces of you
It’s so precious (x)

AKMU’s beautiful harmonies are wonderful, particularly in the chorus, and their heartfelt performance is a great way to close out the week. Please excuse me while I put this one on repeat.

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