Kpop Friday: Suran’s “Winter Bird”

For the last Friday of 2016, I wanted something a bit wintery. Something that would capture a bit of the worn-out way I’m feeling toward the last couple months. Enter indie artist Suran’s “Winter Bird,” a post-breakup song about wanting an awful winter to end:

I wanted this darkness that’s surrounding us to be gone
I wanted my long, long nights to end

The haunting piano melody and Suran’s occasionally raspy voice complement each other nicely. With a song like this, it would be easy to go for the melodramatic or the over-the-top, but Suran reins it in expertly. The MV itself is a bleak, blue-saturated one-take winter landscape.

It’s a beautiful song that fits my end of 2016 mood. Let’s hope this winter ends soon and that there will be better days ahead. You should definitely give it a listen:

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