End of the Year Scheduling

Between special broadcasts, music shows, award nights, and just general holiday shenanigans, the drama schedule for the final week of 2016 is a bit of a mess. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Hwarang, Night Light, and Goblin are all airing two episodes this week, as normal.
  • Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim will aired just one episode this week. It will be airing a “prequel” episode after the finale., likely due to a combination of high ratings and the desire to even out the broadcast schedule.
  • Oh My Geum-bi, Weightlifting Fairy, and Legend of the Blue Sea will only air one episode this week (episode #13, for the record). So far as I can tell, Geum-bi and Weighlifting Fairy will air three episodes next week, which will conclude both shows. Legend of the Blue Sea will continue airing two episodes a week until its final week, when it will air its last three episodes. Maybe. That’s still a while away, so who knows what will happen.
  • Solomon’s Perjury is not airing this week at all. Which will give me time to decide if I’m going to continue.
  • Our Gap-soon may or may not be airing this week, but it has picked up a ten-episode extension. The series will now end with 60 episodes.
  • Laurel Tree Tailors, Blow Breeze, and Father, I’ll Take Care of You (the family weekenders) are supposed air just one episode this week.

Consequently, the drama calendar looks a bit funky right now. Once we’re back to the normal broadcasting schedule, I’ll sort everything out.

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