Watching solo vs. with someone else

One thing I’ve found I’ve been missing lately is being able to watch kdramas with other people–not just with as in a bunch of internet people I know are all watching the show and commenting on it, but with as in having someone right next to me on the couch/floor as we watching something together. In times past, it was my roommate; occasionally, friends visited on vacation or (if local) were roped into a show or two; still other times one of my sisters would decide she’s ready for another kdrama and asked for for recommendations.

It’s just fun to watch things with others sometimes. I enjoy watching something new with a partner so we can speculate together about what will happen or clutch pillows when we get wound up or shriek at the screen. I’m equally fond of introducing one of my favorite shows to someone so I can split my attention between the drama and their reaction to it. Watching people flail over shows it the best, honestly. It’s especially fun when we’ve got food, whether that’s a full meal or just something to snack on. It’s a different kind of community than the internet and its discourse–which I also love.

Watching stuff solo has some great benefits, too–like the fact that I can pause every minute or so to take notes or get up to do something or text someone. It’s also nice not to have to wait for someone else to watch an episode. Things go by my schedule, not by ours, which has gotten complicated and/or inconvenient in the past. Sometimes it means I don’t keep up on shows, though. Ooops. I definitely think I write better commentary when I can pause to take notes.

So I want to know: Do you prefer to watch kdrama by yourself or with other people? Do you mix it up? What’s your current setup? Your ideal setup?

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