Some shows I missed the first time around

Whenever December comes around, I am reminded of all the things I didn’t accomplish during the previous eleven months of the year. One of the things I am currently regretting is just how few dramas I managed to stick with to the end. I really thought 2016 was going to be the year my kdrama fortunes turned around, but being easily bored and/or having a short temper means that I was quick to ax shows that just weren’t doing it for me.

I’ll do my end-of-the-year assessment another time. Right now, I am thinking instead of the dramas I wanted to watch this year and never actually got around to trying. Some of them are from this year; others are older. Regardless, they’re currently at the top of my “you really ought to check this out someday” pile:

  • Age of Youth (2016)
  • Dear My Friends (2016)
  • My Beautiful Bride (2015)
  • Splash Splash Love (2015)
  • Painter of the Wind (2008)

What dramas do you wish you’d had time for this year but never got around to? Which older titles made it to your watch list? Which ones from this year do you think ought to go on my pile, too? Let me know!

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