It’s a winter miracle

Viki stepped up last week and licensed Solomon’s Perjury, which is awesome, because it begins this Friday. (It is the only new drama this week, for the record.) Who is watching it with me? Please don’t disappoint me, Show, or I’ll cry.

solomon-perjuryNetwork: JTBC


Summary: Bae Joon-young stumbles across the body of his friend Lee So-woo on Christmas morning, and the police quickly rule it a suicide. But on the day of the funeral, fellow student Go Seo-yeon receives an anonymous note claiming that So-woo was actually murdered. When the school administrators and police refuse to look into So-woo’s death any further, Seo-yeon and her classmates decide to take matters into their own hands,. Their investigation threatens to unearth information that others would prefer be kept secret. Solomon’s Perjury is a remake of two 2015 Japanese films, which were in turn based on the novel Solomon’s Perjury by Miyuki Miyabe.

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