Kpop Friday: The Black Skirts’ “Everything”

Has 2016 been stressing you out? Do you need a nice, soothing song to put on repeat while you take a bubble bath? Or have a nice glass of wine? If so, then The Black Skirts’ “Everything” is precisely what you need.


The song is remarkably simple, yet it manages to stay interesting. Its instrumentation and vocals are laid-back–languid, even. It’s not dark enough to be called creepy, but there’s almost a haunting quality to it all, especially when the MV takes a turn for the surreal.


Honestly, the MV makes me think of some supposed-to-be-filled-with-good-nostalgia clip just before they reveal this is actually a horror movie or that she’s dead. I mean, she just appears in the road and starts dancing, then runs away as the car slowly chases after her, and she keeps beckoning and running–only to vanish.

Still, I like it a lot. Give it a listen:

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