Running Man – August 2016

#311: “The Selection Contest Race/The Mystery Cube Adventure”


The ice hockey game was good for a few laughs. There were a couple entertaining physical scuffles, cheating, and some impressive shots. Unfortunately, this keeping the finale from the previous episode as the start of the next episode thing, particularly when the follow-up episode isn’t really thematically linked to the first, makes the second episode almost always feel disjointed.

Like this one does. The second episode wasn’t bad, it just felt thin and weirdly edited. Lots of running around, not much interacting, and lots of things cut. Some cast members barely got any screen time, for example, and the games were honestly pretty small (read: not grandiose enough) to be spread so far apart. Still, there were a couple of fun moments, and it was a good idea–it just faltered in the execution and scale, I think.

It won’t make my rewatch list, but it was okay.

#312: “Rewrite the Song Race”


This episode probably would have been a lot more entertaining if I actually understood Korean. I think the subtitlers did a decent job of conveying just how weird and awkward some of these lyrics ended up being, but things were still lost in translation. (Like the mosquito and palsy proverb–DF didn’t provide any explanation for it meant, they just translated it literally. Which is massively unhelpful.)

The guests were pretty bland and the games weren’t all that memorable. I did enjoy the report card segment at the very start, but I’m a little skeptical about whether or not they’ll actually kick someone out of an episode for cheating too much. We’ll have to see if the production sticks with that or if they’ll let that fall by the wayside, too.

The end concert was cute and probably fun if you were there in person. As it is, I won’t be revisiting this episode any time soon.

#313: “The Running Woman Race”


Sometimes you just need lively female guests, silly missions, and a new way to play the name tag ripping game.

Definitely one for my rewatch list.

#314: “The Game of Thrones Race”


Lee Jun-ki, Kang Ha-neul, and Hong Jong-hyun were great guests for this Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo promo episode. All of them did their best (to varying degrees of success), and Jun-ki really seemed to enjoy being cheesy and overdramatic about everything. (Ha-neul’s near-constant secondhand embarrassment was hilarious, for the record.)

Individual battles can be hit or miss, especially if it seems to lean heavily in someone else’s favor; this episode was fairly balanced. There were some great moments for just about everyone, so this will probably end up on my re-watch list.

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