Kpop Friday: BLACKPINK’s “Stay”

After a long, stressful week, I needed a soothing song. I’d heard some good things about newcomers BLACKPINK and decided to check them out since I’d been meaning to for a while now, ooops. Turns out, one of their newest songs, “Stay,” is just what I needed on this below-freezing, mid-autumn evening.


“Stay” is a quiet little number that is caught somewhere between begging a lover to stay and preparing oneself for loneliness. The song resists overblown dramatics or angst in either the vocals or the instrumentation, and the chorus (with the clapping) adds a nice dash of playfulness. This is the last moment to salvage the relationship–with the lover stay? Or will they leave?

In your expressionless face that’s getting more and more dull
I whisper to the mirror, let’s slowly let this go
You take me for granted
But that’s you
But still, stay stay stay with me (x)


The MV lends the song an almost haunting undertone, as the members of BLACKPINK wander (and even frolic) through the deserted landscape. Messages like heaven is a place where nothing ever happens and it’s a good day loom over them amidst the busted cars and buildings filled with debris. I like the contrast between the bleakness and the hope/happiness. It’s a nice complement to the song itself.

“Stay” is definitely a song I would stick on a need-calming-music playlist. It grew on me with each listen. What do you think?

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