Closing – 4 Hopes for This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair

You know, one of these days I will actually be able to do this once I have finished an entire show. Wouldn’t that be something? Here were my four hopes going in to the show, and here’s how it actually panned out by the time I bailed:

An explanation for how Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon got to where they are now. This was one of the driving forces for why I bailed after four episodes (aka, a third of the show’s run). Other than a couple hints (mostly about lack of communication), we had almost no information about where or why things started going wrong. Maybe if Hyun-woo hadn’t spent most of episode four’s scenes with his wife shouting, we would have gotten somewhere. Oh well.

We get to see Soo-yeon’s opinion on her relationship with her husband. Nope, not at all. Her two chances to speak and explain herself were shouted down by Hyun-woo. Maybe this will happen later?

Hyun-woo tries all of his internet advice and fails. Kind of? There was a lot fewer suggestions than I anticipated and a lot more just inane commentary from everyone. Then again, the internet really wasn’t necessary when he had Bo-young there to deliver the perfect advice every time. (Okay, there was one good commenter, too, but the rest of them were worthless.) Very little of it helped him understand Soo-yeon or even himself, really, which was unfortunate, because that was the point of me wanting him to fail. I wanted him to realize that he needed to understand his wife in order to sort everything out. Instead, he yelled at her. *sighs*

The women get to have female friends and co-workers. This kind of happened! While we’ve really only gotten thirty-second glimpses into Soo-yeon’s life, she did have female co-workers and went to a birthday party where she hung out with her son’s friend’s moms, so that kind of counts. Bo-young never seemed to have any friends outside of work beyond a vaguely referenced senior, but there were other female employees on her team, and they occasionally exchanged dialogue (but not pass the Bechdel Test, sadly).

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