Three New Dramas This Week

Three new kdramas are going head to head in the Wednesday/Thursday time slot. My money is on Legend of the Blue Sea to beat them, numbers-wise, but I also thought SHR would dominate its timeslot, so. Maybe South Korea is in the mood for a sports drama or an incurable disease drama. Which ones will you be checking out?

legend-of-the-blue-seaLegend of the Blue Sea
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Shim Chung, the last mermaid on earth, meets Heo Joon-jae, a brilliant scam artist, when she decides to explore the modern world. She is drawn to Joon-jae since he is the doppelganger of Kim Moon, a nobleman she was in love with during the Joseon era. As Shim Chung learns more about the human world, she gets caught up in Joon-jae’s scams, and the two of them begin to fall in love. This drama was inspired by the short story collectiong “Eou Yadam” by Yu Mong-in (a Joseon-era scholar).



weightlifting-fairyWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju
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Loosely inspired by real-life Olympic gold-medalist weightlifter Jang Mi Ran, this drama centers on Kim Bok-ju, a twenty-year-old college student. While Bok-ju is attending Hanwool College of Physical Education, she and her best friend, swimmer Jung Joon-hyung, begin to fall in love. Bok-ju’s roommate, rhythmic gymnast Song Shi-ho, regrets breaking up with Joon-hyung and becomes uncomfortable with his and Bok-ju’s growing closeness. Joon-hyung’s cousin, Lee Jae-yoon, also happens to be Bok-ju’s first crush. The quartet must figure out how to overcome their past difficulties and traumas in order to fulfill their dreams.

oh-my-geum-biOh My Geum-bi
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Eight-year-old Mo Geum-bi has a rare genetic disease: Niemann-Pick Disease, Type C, sometimes referred to as “childhood Alzheimer’s.” Her father, Mo Hwi-chul, had to give up on his dream of being a chef when he lost his sense of smell and is now working as a con artists/swindler in order to take care of her.  Geum-bi’s estranged mother, Jang Joo-young, is an intimidating woman who does not approve of Hwi-chul’s new profession. Go Kang-hee, a lonely arborist who sometimes retrieves stolen artifacts, meets Geum-bi and Hwi-chul, whom she begins to fall in love with.

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