Kpop Friday: Akdong Musician’s “How People Move”

Sometimes you just need cute and colorful, and this song from Akdong Musician (AKMU) really hits the spot. The first time I listened to/watch it, I was delighted by basically everything: the upbeat nature of the song, how much fun the performers looked like they were having, the vocals, the harmonies, the toys coming to life, the “Relativity”-inspired staircases, and the bold, bright colors.


I didn’t expect to love the song even more when I looked up the lyrics–but I did. This song is literally a joyful tribute to how bodies move:

It’s cool to see how people move
How their arms and legs go back and forth
How their rib bones show when they take a deep breath
And when they exhale, how people in front frown and pinch their noses
It’s amazing, amazing, amazing
Shall we dance? Dance!


They’re just so excited about it! And I can’t help but be excited about it, too. If you need a pick-me-up this Friday, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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