Kpop Friday: Davichi’s “Love Is”

It has been rainy and overcast all day, and that has put me in the mood for quiet, contemplative, and a little bit sad. Davichi’s most recent single hits those emotional notes, plus it has some lovely vocals and soothing instrumentation, so it’s perfect for today.

It also made me cry, but hey,  that just happens sometimes.


The lyrics are great, but the MV stands on its own with its story. I’m quite impressed with the cinematography on this one–there a lot of nicely staged, lingering shots that really complement the song:

Just give the heavy leaves to the wind
When the rain falls, we get get rained on together (x)


If you’re in the mood for sad but also reassuring love songs and watching Lee Jong-suk be miserable, you’ll want to check this out immediately.

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