Closing – 4 Hopes for The K2

A week before The K2 started, I wrote a little post about the four things I wanted from the show.  In an ideal world, I would do a follow-up post after finishing the show; that didn’t work out so great this time. Nevertheless, I thought it would be interesting to go back and see which of my hopes were actually fulfilled and which weren’t (as of partway into episode seven).

A nod to the actual K2. I did not get this, and that still makes me so sad. I’ll admit that part of the reason why I hoped we would get grandiose mountaineering references was that the last modern-day political drama I watched (Punch) was just overflowing with ridiculous metaphors about just about everything. And come on, you seriously can’t name the hero and the heroine K2 and Anna and then just not deliver. Except this show did.

Je-ha develops a soft and squishy center. Kind of? I mean, he was really happy to watch Anna be delighted by ramen twice and he bought her ice cream. But he also was still her jailer and helped hunt her down and stuff, so.

Yoo-jin gets to terrify the shit out of people. WE HAVE A WINNER. Yoo-jin was the absolute best part of those first six episodes, and she pretty much embodied all of my favorite things about a female villain. (I’m going to have to do a post dedicated to my favorite female villains, someone remind me.) She was terrifying and ruthless and also astonishingly vulnerable and if only she could have picked her minions better.

An-na gets to be angry and seek revenge without being punished for it. Anna was stuck off camera and silent for so long that I have to rule this a no despite some great scenes with Yoo-jin. Here’s hoping that she will get everything she wants in the second half.

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