Last week I talked about how I’d learned to drop dramas over my kdrama-watching career, which was nicely timed, considering I dropped The K2 last night.

I won’t rehash the straws that broke this camel’s back (go here and then here), but it shouldn’t come a surprise to anyone who has been reading my commentary that my frustrations about the show were not-so-slowly mounting. Some of the things that bugged me, I think, were objective flaws with the show; others were more along the lines of pet peeves.

Of all of the things I could have dropped The K2 for, it was relatively minor sin of JSS being incompetent. I could have dropped it for sidelining its heroine both character- and plot-wise, gratuitous fight scenes and overuse of spinny cameras, etc. But no, it was JSS, which ultimately doesn’t have much impact other than to provide NPCs for Jae-ha to fight or keep Anna confined or be Yoo-jin’s muscle.

And perhaps, at the heart, that’s why I dropped it. Yoo-jin was pretty much my favorite part of the show and the reason I kept coming back, but her inexplicable reliance on JSS undermined my faith in her. Couldn’t she see what a nightmare of uselessness they were? Why was she still employing them? Was she not a good enough villain to realize how awful JSS is? And that was the death knell for me–if you’re going to ruin the best female villain I’ve seen in ages, I can’t stick with the show.

This isn’t the first time a bunch of small details have stacked up to ruin a show for me. And they’re usually such petty, small things that I can’t let go of. So tell me, dear readers, what petty things have made you drop a show?

2 thoughts on “Pettiness

  1. drawde2000 says:

    I dropped The K2 as well the moment JSS withheld information from Jae Ha, and us, from that staged protest. I was happy to go with the flow with this show despite so many flaws, but the consistent incompetency of JSS is worth dropping. It was just ridiculous.

    I dropped Doctors five minutes in when Park Shin Ye was fighting with gangsters while the other doctors were just watching her do the work. Help her, would you. I also did not like the over the top situations of DotS. It also has some medical inaccuracies.

    So, basically I dropped dramas when characters do not behave like educated, professional adults when the drama is set in a professional environment. Be cute and do stupid things at home. But when you are in a professional setting, behave accordingly.

    • Audrey says:

      Shenanigans in the workplace are a reason I tend to really not enjoy workplace dramas. I haven’t seen Doctors or DotS, so I can’t comment on either of those.

      Sometimes it’s the smallest things that finally make me drop a drama. I’m amused that someone else had the same breaking point re: JSS as I did!

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