Kpop Friday: Hyukoh’s “Wi Ing Wi Ing”

So, one of the things I have discovered in my post-college years is that I definitely have a road trip music aesthetic. Certain types of songs really just remind me of driving through western desert wastelands in the early morning hours while my siblings are asleep in the passenger and back seats.


The muted colors and overall melancholic tone of this song remind me of one of the first road trips I took with a sibling. My sister and I drove straight into (and eventually out of) a rainstorm, which was a bit terrifying at first but eventually turned out to be really soothing. The song itself is pretty mellow throughout, though there are a couple moments where it ramps up its intensity.

My legs are stumbling, stumbling as I walk
Another meaningless day is passing today
Love is just for all those who are the same
There’s nothing to make my heart flutter (x)


A less skilled group of performers could easily come across as bored or phoning it in, but they are great at this understated almost-despair. If you like modern dance and long shots, you’ll probably enjoy the MV.

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