Defections, Anti-Corruption Laws, and Drama News

The internet (and the world) have been interesting this week. We’ve had defecting soldiers, mirroring, bias in hiring, anti-corruption laws, a new season of an old favorite, and a delayed drama.

  • “N.Korean Soldier Defects Across DMZ.” The soldier was a sergeant and unarmed; he has been taken into custody. The last time a North Korean soldier crossed the DMZ in order to defect was on June 15, 2015.
  • “Why Furiosuk’s “Matriarch Performance” Is So Satisfying.” Earlier this year, JTBC’s reality show With You had fake couple Kim Suk and Yun Jeong-Su on the show. This “fan letter” explores how comedienne Kim Suk immediately picked up the “male” role in the relationship. The author of the essay saw this “mirroring” technique as a way to satirize the patriarchy: This is because when wives/women mimic the misguided authority that has been considered the province of husbands/men, we realize two things. One is that this language isn’t actually the province of men, and the other is that this authority is a ludicrous form of violence.
  • “60% of companies say they consider gender when hiring.” In a poll of 407 South Korean companies, more than half of them said they took the applicant’s gender into consideration when hiring. This held true from the huge conglomerates to small- and medium-sized companies. A small percentage of these companies were actively trying to prevent gender imbalance in the workplace, but almost 70% of companies said that being male put applicants at an advantage for being hired.
  • “Corporate Korea braces for change over anti-corruption law” and “Extreme caution prevails toward anti-graft law.” This anti-corruption law has government agency employees, private educational institution employees, and those who work in media scrambling to sort out what is and what is not allowed any longer. Some experts fear that the economy (particularly restaurant/dining/entertainment and some agricultural sectors) will take a significant hit due to the strict laws about monetary limits. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out–both in real life and in dramas.
  • “Saimdang, Light’s Diary pushed back to next year.” International tension re: THAAD may have claimed its first drama victim. This highly anticipated drama is being pushed back to next year, which is a shame, because I was looking forward to it. Here’s hoping that it won’t be delayed any further.
  • “School 2017 in the works for summer broadcast on KBS.” I didn’t watch last year’s installment, but it’s exciting to hear that this next season is happening. This will be the first time PD Park Jin-seok will be the lead PD, and the script will be written by the winner of KBS’s screenwriting competition. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll cast age-appropriate newbies and give them a shot at creating names for themselves.

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