Kpop Friday: Anda’s “Touch”

I was first recommended Anda’s “Touch”  at the end of last year and was delighted when I got around to listening to it. “Touch” is a pretty simple song, both melody- and lyric-wise, but it has a catchy, relentless beat that will stick in your head for days. Good thing it’s such a good song.


The MV, though–it feels like a lot of effort went into it, some great, some not-so-great, but all of it working together. (The MV is also NSFW, so behind the cut it goes.)

It was fun to see “Touch” pop up on several lesbian/wlw-themed playlists I saw floating about the internet in this last year, and it definitely earned its spot there. The MV is a unsubtle exploration of a type of sexuality rarely present in kpop songs (not that American pop music is anything special to brag about in that arena). Women being into other women is not subtext here–it’s all text, from couples making out in the background to shots of Anda spreading apart someone’s legs while smirking to a woman moving over Anda on a bed.

My one big complaint about the MV is the gif-inspired looping going on in some sequences. Sometimes the choppiness pings me as dangerously close to Uncanny Valley territory–but that may just be me.  What do you think?

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