Fall Kdrama Wishlist

(Officially, fall only started last week, so I’m not too late on compiling this. ) I’ve got a vague eye on a couple of dramas this fall, though October is pretty sparse for premiers–November looks like it will be far more busy. But in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of little things I hope will (or won’t, in come cases) pop up in this season’s kdramas:

  • Someone asks for permission, and receives it, before going in for a kiss.
  • Career women getting shit done.
  • Housewives getting shit done.
  • Female students getting shit done.
  • The hero backs up the heroine against his (grand)parents.
  • The heroine initiates a kiss (without needing an assist from gravity/bad luck/her own clumsiness/etc.).
  • Gorgeous mountain scenery. Hiking is optional, but frolicking about in the freshly fallen leaves is not.
  • An utter lack of Subway PPL.
  • A thunderstorm knocks out the power/heat and people have to cuddle up for warmth.
  • Parents who care enough about their child’s happiness and self-determination to let them make their own romantic mistakes.
  • Sharing umbrellas in the rain.
  • A sense of wonder. Magic doesn’t have to be there–but I want to be awe-struck by the world and the people in it.
  • Comedy that doesn’t rely on cruelty for its punchline.
  • A second lead lady who finds happiness (and love, if she wants it).
  • An utter lack of fake rape/sexual assault accusations.
  • Quiet, domestic bliss, which may or may not involve doing the dishes/making the bed/doing other chores together.
  • The hero apologizes sincerely as soon as he realizes he has hurt someone else.
  • Female characters with more than one close female friend.

What’s on your list? I want to know!

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