Kpop Friday: BigBang’s “Love Song”

“Love Song” was one of the first kpop songs I ever listened to, and it is one I still enjoy.  It’s a nice angsty piece about–you guessed it–a love song the narrator swears they’ll never sing again because it just dredges up painful memories of a past love.  The melody and the lyrics are pretty basic, but it’s delivery that makes it, in my opinion. Even without knowing the lyrics, there’s enough angst and longing in the vocals that you can figure out what’s going on.

Which is a good thing, considering the MV really has nothing to do with the song at all. There’s a flaming car that literally drops out of the sky at the end and explodes:


Exploding car aside, the MV is actually a treat to watch. I’m a sucker for the black-and-white aesthetic, especially when paired with suits and long takes. It so nicely done that I don’t even question much why the group is in the middle of the desert surrounded by the still-burning husk of other cars (and street signs and telephone poles…) that their hatred of a particular love song has conjured from thin air.

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