Earthquakes, Hanbok for Chuseok, and Drama News

It’s a busy week in South Korea, what with their strongest earthquake on record and the Chuseok holiday. It’s been an especially bad week for an actor who had to go to the ER and get surgery. Here’s hoping next week is better.

  • Strongest earthquakes on Korean Peninsula. This infographic provides the date and location of the thirteen strongest earthquakes in the Korean Peninsula since 1978, including the one just this last week.
  • Stars dress up in hanbok for national holiday. Chuseok was this week, and many Korean celebrities posted photos of themselves in hanbok to greet their fans. The article includes pictures of Sandara Park, Jin Se-yeon, Park Hae-jin, Red Velvet, Monsta X, Cosmic Girls, and AOA Cream.
  • What would “family” mean to a woman who is someone’s aunt and mother? This essay talks about domestic violence in South Korea and how it is treated as a “family” problem (AKA, not something to go to others about), plus how “protecting the family” has been used as justification for homophobia and Islamophobia.
  • Ji-soo takes sudden trip to ER, Fantastic storyline to be adjusted.” Actor Ji-soo was diagnosed with acute osteomyelitis this week and needed surgery. His medical emergency will be forcing Fantastic to change his role (allegedly, he’s not getting cut completely); since Moon Lovers was pre-produced, no adjustments will need to be made to his role there. I hope he gets better soon and that his agency lets him fully recover.
  • The women of On the Way to the Airport and a new teaser. On the Way to the Airport begins next week, and the production has provided a new teaser and some stills for our enjoyment. Any of you planning on watching?

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