Kpop Friday: Gain’s “Bloom”

I’ve had a draining week, so I was desperately in need of a song that would make me smile. “Bloom” was one of the first that jumped out at me as I scrolled through my music. And for good reason, too–it is a joyous celebration of good sex (and masturbation) set in a wedding mint pastels palette. I adore it.


(It is also not safe for work, just in case you skipped that first paragraph. The video is going behind the cut.)

I think my favorite thing about “Bloom,” beyond the catchy melody and how Gain seems to be having a lot of fun, is  the genuine glee surrounding the flower metaphors. None of this ironic, rolling-your-eyes-at-overused-symbolism to represent a first sexual encounter. No. GIANT CGI FLOWERS, guys. EVERYWHERE:


This easily could have felt like a male-gazey exploitation of female sexuality, but instead Gain keeps the attention on her unabashed enjoyment of a loving, physical relationship. Yeah, she had sex. She masturbated. She had so much fun doing it.

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