4 Things I Want from the W: Two Worlds Finale

The finale is this week, and I’m looking forward to it, despite the see-sawing of my enthusiasm during the second half. I want a satisfactory ending to the show, one that will make me understand what the writer was trying to go for in crafting this particular story. (Whether or not I agree that they achieved that is another thing entirely.) Here are the four things that, if they show up in the finale, will make me feel like this drama was a good investment of my time:

  1. Yeon-joo gets to take a third option and save both Chul and Seung-moo. This, I feel, is almost a given. W has a lot more in common with Queen In-hyun’s Man than Nine, and I believe the writer will give us a genuinely happy ending, not a mindfuck. But we’ll see.
  2. Yeon-joo talks to her mother. Yeon-joo has had a hard stretch these last few episodes—a villain with her dad’s face killed her (temporarily), and then her actual father strangled her. I would love it if she got to go home after her adventures were over and ask her mom for a hug. She could even bring Chul with her to introduce him to her mom for reals and not just a fantasy sequence.
  3. There is some acknowledgment of an independent/neutral force between the real world and W. Throughout the show, something has been picking and choosing which scenes, even which lines of dialogue get transferred to the comic. Some kind of entity is deciding when to do time skips and what is a significant enough moment to shock Chul into ending the chapter. More importantly, something listened to Chul’s desire to be done as a manhwa character and kickstarted The Final Chapter. What is it? I don’t know, but I wish we would find out.
  4. They decide to destroy the tablet. Once they’ve put together their happy ending—or even before, if they’re clever enough, I want them to destroy all remaining copies of the tablet. It is verging on Artifact of Doom territory right now, and nothing good will come of its continued existence.

What’s on your list? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “4 Things I Want from the W: Two Worlds Finale

  1. SOSsy says:

    Agree whole-heartedly on No. 3.
    Since midway, the comic appears to have a mind of its own – so many things feel so random. Maybe I’m a simple gerl and it’s all too complicated for me. I’ve read theories about parallel universes and all but I’d like an explanation I can wrap my simple mind around.
    I haven’t even watched since episode 12 onwards, hoping a marathon of remaining episodes when the drama ends will make more sense…I hope

    • Audrey says:

      Welcome, new commenter! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to say hello!

      Yeah, I’m with you there. Even though things have gotten more complicated, they’ve still remained vague. I hope that marathoning the ending will improve your viewing experience–I’ve felt like the flow has been off since the Olympics pre-empted an episode. Good luck!

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