Nuclear Tests, Housing Costs, and Drama News

All of my non-drama news is kind of depressing this week, sorry.

  • NK conducts largest nuclear test.” Friday was the 68th anniversary of North Korea’s founding, and the government “honored” the occasion by conducting a nuclear test. It is currently estimated that the bomb was roughly 67% to 80% of the bomb that the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima.
  • Housing costs burden young women living alone.” I strongly identified with this inforgraphic as I am also a single woman in my 30s who has left home for freedom and an easier commute–and is paying a lot for the privilege. (I re-signed my lease this summer to the cost of an extra $40/month, ugh.) The age breakdowns in the infographic are pretty interesting, as there is a considerable variance in the reasons why women are living alone depending on their ages.
  • If You Decide to Report Sexual Harassment, You Should Prepare to Resign?” This is a not-good-for-your-blood-pressure essay about how women who are victims of sexual harassment at work are frequently forced out/retailed against for reporting internally or for going to the police.
  • Check out the winners from this years Seoul International Drama Awards.” A quick list of the winners at the 11th annual awards show. What do you think of the winners?
  • Oh Hae-young PD and Marriage Not Dating writer reunite for Sensitive Boss.” The Marriage, Not Dating writer and PD are reuniting on tvN for a 2017 drama (currently going by “Sensitive Boss”). I never watched MND, but I heard some good things about it from some of my kdrama friends. Here’s hoping they turn out another hit together.
  • KBS in talks to extend Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.” The only saving grace about this news is that MDBC just barely finished the first third of it’s run–that’s much better on the cast, crew, and actual storyline than trying to fill an additional two episodes at the last moment. Still, despite the hit ratings, I’m hoping for their sakes that they leave the episode count alone.

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