Kpop Friday: CNBLUE’s “Hey You”

Even though this was a short work week for me, it has been a draining one. So I figured I’d feature a fun, bouncy song for Friday in the hopes that it would lessen my agony and get me through the day. I bought this song a while ago, and it is a staple on my “run away from zombies/clean all the things” playlist because it has a fast beat and fun vocals.


Imagine my surprise when I looked up the English translation of the lyrics for the first time and found out this is actually a “I can’t get over you even though we’re over” song. Oops.

But can you blame me? The video starts out with CNBLUE in their dressing room and then they go out and dance down the hallway with a bunch of NPCs before putting on a concert. And it’s a pretty snazzy concert, though three out of four of them need to brush their hair out of their eyes.


“Hey You” is an energetic, entertaining song that just happens to be about someone pining for their ex. Give it a shot! Maybe it will brighten up your Friday.

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